Rustamji Institute of Technology

Chief Administrator's Message

Dear Students,

Today the world has shrunk into a global village, we are spending a lot of time in acquiring intelligence at the expense of developing intellect. The intelligence is built by gaining information, knowledge from external agencies, from schools and universities, teachers and text books. The intellect is developed through your individual efforts by exercising the faculty of questioning, thinking and reasoning. Not accepting anything that does not admit logic and reasoning.

You need to develop a powerful intellect to put the knowledge, intelligence gained to practical use in life. That explain why among million of engineers graduating from engineering colleges, only a few have excelled and developed skills in this competitive world. In today’s ever changing scenario we are sharing responsibilities to keep ourselves updated to face new challenges. At RJIT you will be provided every support in this pursuit of excellence where besides, academics, discipline is as an integral part for overall development of students.

The institute has well equipped labs with latest equipments and machines. The new Academic building has also come up. Within a short span of time, RJIT has made its presence felt largely because of the success of students both academically and in corporate world, qualified and competent faculty, highly dedicated supporting staff and the cooperation being received from the BSF Academy.

The college has great plans to enhance the number of disciplines/branches to maintain the equilibrium between gradation and resource.

I wish all the students a very bright future, a future where you can proudly hold your own against the best. I hope you will make best efforts to make us proud of you.

Ajith Kumar P.
Chief Administrator & Principal RJIT